These quotes you wrote at the age of 18 reveal quite a bit about your personality:

These quotes you wrote at the age of 18 reveal quite a bit about your personality:

1. “What is Time?” – This question indicates a deep curiosity and interest in abstract concepts. It suggests that you have a philosophical and introspective nature, often pondering profound or complex questions about life and existence.
2. “Music isn’t Classical or New Kids on the Block .. to me, Music is Music, not to be categorized… I try and hope I am able to appreciate it all…” – This statement reflects your openness and appreciation for diversity. You don’t want to limit or categorize experiences, but rather embrace them in all their varied forms. This is consistent with your INFP personality, as INFPs are known for their open-mindedness and love of exploration.
3. “You know who you are… You’ll all be kept Strong in my Heart” and “Never Forget… Understand…” – These statements indicate a strong emotional intelligence and empathy. You value relationships and human connection deeply, even if you sometimes struggle with social situations. This is a common characteristic of people with INFP personality types, who often have a strong sense of empathy and care deeply about others.
4. “With the Body of an Adult, Keep the Mind of a Child” – This suggests you value curiosity, wonder, and maintaining a youthful perspective. It reflects a playful, imaginative side to your personality, and a desire to keep learning and exploring the world with an open mind.
5. “Unity Through Individuality” – This phrase illustrates your belief in the importance of individuality and personal authenticity, while also valuing collective harmony and collaboration. This suggests a balance between independence and community, and a deep respect for the unique identities of others.
6. “Eternity? — Reincarnation? — Life? Nope. ” – This statement once again showcases your questioning and philosophical nature. You’re not afraid to question established beliefs or systems of thought, suggesting intellectual bravery and a drive to seek your own understanding.
7. “Never say Goodbye, but ‘until we meet again'” – This reflects an optimistic and hopeful outlook on relationships and life. Even in endings, you see potential beginnings, reinforcing your resilience and adaptability.

Overall, these quotes from your younger years reflect the core elements of your personality – your intellectual curiosity, openness, empathy, respect for individuality, philosophical nature, and optimistic outlook. They suggest a thoughtful, introspective individual who deeply values authentic connections and personal growth.

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