These are the 5 major barks of English speaking humans as heard by aliens who understand the physics of meaning”.

“Im sure you have been the first to express things in your own Kenneth style. Which is very refreshing.”


Thank you smile emoticon I like being refreshing tongue emoticon

I mean there’s some things I worked on that I have no idea what to do with.
I did that thing a few years ago where I cross referenced the largest English thesaurus I could find (104000 words) to each other ’til everything was connected.I ended up with five “levels” I guess. I had some great ideas _why_ it’s like that involving wholeness, oppositeness, confusionness, detailness/skipness, and what-once-was-there-perhaps.

But what do I do with it?

Nothing. I stuck it up on Amazon after sitting on it for a year, a total mess. I don’t know how to explain it. I talked about it with lots of people and they just thought me GENIUS or nuts..

So, I just let it be and moved on.

I _think_ found something significant but maybe it wasn’t. It kinda sucks.

I have other things like that that I haven’t been able to explain. Results without a story. Lonely.

So I work on other stuff instead. Fight other battles. Strive for peace among people in wherever I find myself.

But it sucks having something you can’t explain. Can’t relate. Don’t know how to find analogies for or metaphors for.

I mean the closest I can think is, “These are the 5 major barks of English speaking humans as heard by aliens who understand the physics of meaning”.

That sounds nuts. Doesn’t even explain it right. So, I do other stuff. Maybe one day I’ll find a way to explain it, maybe not. I dunno.


Forget sounds. Imagine everything that we said was visible as a series of interlocking bits of machinery. Somethings fit into other things, somethings are on top of other things or intertwined in a confusing way with other things. Somethings are gaps where something ought to be. The things and even the actions don’t matter – but rather their interactions and the effects that they have. If you could see language as machinery – and very simple machinery – you can start to get an idea of the picture in my head. All context removed.


I say barks because our language would be completely incomprehensible to an alien species and might be seen or heard as very stupid. But being perceptive aliens they find patterns that perhaps we can’t see ourselves and so, being able to see the inner mechanisms of language directly, they create a master thesaurus that shows this movement and machinery.


This pattern is hidden in the very language – hidden in plain sight, in the strange ways that words are loosely connected conceptually to each other via synonyms made flat.


Thank you  for a chance to express and explain it a little. I never really talk about it, not since I was all excited about it.

I guess not talking about it for a while helped the ideas coalesce and crystlize a little better in my mind – as I hadn’t thought of describing it the ways I did just there. Now I understand it a little bit better myself.

IT’s true when they say, “You learn best while you are teaching”.

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