*there’s things we’ll never know that we’ll never be able to think* _Why I don’t worry about AI taking over_

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Here’s my complicated/weird/probably-wrong way of thinking about this:

Humans have a certain way of thinking. While I believe the imagination is without limits, at the same time I can see that our species has natural, biological limitations.

This includes our imaginations.

We can’t know what’s _beyond_ our imaginations because we can’t get there. There’s some limit to as far as we can create or invent or imagine. We’ll never FEEL limited because within the entire realm of possibilities of our species, there’s things we’ll never know that we’ll never be able to think.

Of course, it could take 100 billion years to reach the end of our imagination, if ever, but my point is – there’s some unforeseeable limitation that we’ll never even know we’ve reached because there’s no alien perspective to compare with.

Now, as humans we use patterns for stuff. Our brains are such that we HAVE to see things in patterns. We can’t see the uniqueness in everything as it is. Cognitively, we compress our knowledge into patterns.

Example is two apples. Are there really two apples? We say they are, but they’re actually different: born on different times, rot at different times, and if you zoom into each apple, they have uniquenesses that we can’t really process naturally.

So, we compress the two _similar_ things into a category an apple.

We also compress two similar things into a number: 2.

Our whole mathematical system is TIED to the fact that humans made it and are using it.

It’s practical and pragmatic and we can think and build a lot of things with it, just as we can with language and instructions.

In short, the whole of mathematics _is_ a human creation. A good one that not only is patterned after the way humans see the world and compress its similarities into categories with numbers, but numbers themselves and mathematics.

Now, this mathematics runs on our computers. It’s created BY us. Our imaginations made it. Our imaginations programmed it. Our imaginations came up with AI and the ways to make them “think for themselves”.

But, are they really alien?

I don’t think they are. They’re our creations. They may be faster but they’ll always be limited to their basic programming, which is limited because humans are limited.

No matter how fast they are and how much they progress, there’s an ultimate limit for them as well: they won’t be able to do things outside of anything that’s possible for humanity to discover at some point in time because they’re the product of limited human thinking.

To me, this means in theory, we can predict and prepare for anything AI might be able to do. They can’t do things outside of our imaginations because our imaginations are what built them and all of the human limitations will be built right into the code.

This gives me a LOT of comfort: It means that, even if AI progresses _faster_ than us, we’ll *still* be able to catch up eventually. Get enough people together to figure things out and enough time, we will be able to recreate anything an AI could possible do but with ourselves.

They’d be our children and always our children.

I find this comforting, for even of robots decided to take over the planet, it’s because that possibility is in our imaginations.

But they won’t be able to think things impossible for humans to potentially thing. Just faster.

Anyway, that’s my two cents.

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