There’s such a thing as forgiving too soon:

There’s such a thing as forgiving too soon: The police officer who went into the wrong apartment and shot the person inside and then tried to cover it up does not deserve forgiveness at this point in time.Right now is the time for justice, which I’d say did not take place as the sentencing was very light considering what happened and will likely be reduced to almost nothing upon appeal.

The brother of the victim forgave. That’s his own personal choice but should not affect just sentencing nor is it a model for others to follow in these situations as a matter of policy prior to sentencing.

Righteous indignation is a powerful force and it has a rightful place in the order of things. There is a point where forgiveness is possible and can be therapeutic (good psychologically / for the soul as it were) but not as a prescription to follow blindly as “We live in a society” and bad actions left uncorrected can become bad models for others to follow.

As a personal policy, I forgive those who wrong me BUT I also adjust my levels of trust as a preventative measure for future encounters.

 “Moving on” is a strongly accurate synonym for the act of forgiving.

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