There’s religious right and far right. No such thing as a “traditional conservative” afaik.

There’s religious right and far right. No such thing as a “traditional conservative” afaik.

Race / gender / political posts are so common everywhere. why must they also infiltrate this group?


Father’s kind of useless in that drawing. Just stands there all “herp-a-derp, guess I’ll just go back to my XBox”.


This is about “weird hills”. These are boring everyday hills.

“Whiteness” is basically shorthand for white American male culture. It can be tweaked for british colonialism, but racism as it exists in the USA is pretty isolated to the USA and maybe a few canadians who are in the wrong country.

Most of the world does their thing in a national pride sort of way. Genetic roots stuff. Polish race. Catalonian race. That sort of thing. The “skin color only thing” is a sloppy Americanism.


So yes, whiteness is real. It’s an American-born perspective but people who exhibit whiteness in the USA are, to me, unAmerican — that is, anti-the “spirit of America”.

Also, whiteness is threaded through the history of the US which is not one America’s strong points.

Bringing “white Europe” into the arguement is sloppy.


No. I’m saying the concept of a four-race world is an Americanism.

Oh I 100% agree that meme culture transcends all barriers.

Black Vine/ black twitter has some of the best stuff and Spongebob memes are for and about everything.

I’m just saying there’s some aspects of some parts of meme culture that are very white American. But not as a whole.

“everybody on the internet is a white male american of my generation and will understand all of my cultural references” – most white male americans.

There’s one.

I don’t tiptoe with words. That’s how I talk and how I write. Picture Fred Rogers.

Read through it VVVIV – it’s all clarifications.
 However, dancing Jon will never die for has he ever really lived?

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