There’s RARELY easy cooperation between the branches.

Oh that’s definitely no guarantee. The current republican congress couldn’t even block Obamacare, and they TRIED to block it with everything they had. All they could do is ruin it, but it still went through, holes, add-ons and all.

there’s different TYPES of republicans. They all represent their own constituencies, who all have their own interests.

There’s RARELY easy cooperation between the branches. That’s why it exists the way it does: the government is designed specifically for SLOW change.


The Glass Steagall act of 1933 was already dead by the time it was removed.

it was but a formality at that point.


That’d be nice but it’s unlikely. The financial crisis extends WAY further back than 1999. Why’d the repeal it? Financial crisis they were trying to avoid but was inevitable.


We went through several severe market crashes around that time. I started investing in 1999-2002, and did well, picking at my investments from 2002-2014 when I used them up. I was a contrarian investor and I beat both the indexes consistently and by far.

WHILE those crashes were occurring, the repeal of the Glass Stegal hadn’t seen much impact yet. There was SUPPOSED TO be punishments for banks that went too far but they weren’t enacted.

But – at the time, early on, banks THOUGHT the punishment threats were real so they didn’t take advantage yet.

Yet, the crashes happened. The sub-prime mortgage idea gained traction and banks were issuing out mortgages like crazy.

I don’t think they really started taking advantage (n a bad way) of the repeal of the Glass Steigal until the mid 2000s, after the subprime mortgage problem was well on its way into leading to a financial crisis…

2008 was going to happen regardless. All those subprime mortgages would’ve been issued by a few MORE banks and we’d STILL have had the 2008 situation.


Harambe’d work. Gandalf too, although Gandalf has that “care / doesn’t care” aspect to him as well but Wizards are alien… or rather modern aliens are newer forms of Wizards, who are newer forms of Angels/Demons…all with inscrutable ways… but now I’m dipping into Joseph Campbell “Power of Myth” territory here


As a lifelong US citizen, our foreign policy is unfortunately *always* creepy af. We do things overseas and I’m like, “Nooo, come on America, why you do that? Now I have to explain “my country”‘s actions to my overseas friends… nooooo”


Unfortunately, the US keeps its foreign policy somewhat hidden to the citizens. We look inwards all of the time. It’s a big country, so there’s a lot going on in the USA and we rarely talk about any other country amongst ourselves or on the media.

As a country, the USA is pretty ignorant about world affairs and also about our foreign policies. We do some ugly things sometimes.



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