There’s only one person for whom I’m trying to be a role model for: Me.

Yeah, the whole in-person thing is over-rated to me; I give off an introverted impression in person because I’m an awkward talker.  Typing suits me best :P

There’s only one person for whom I’m trying to be a role model for:  Me.

Kid-Ken had no dad, so there’s been an undercurrent through my life so far, to become my own Dad and explain this crazy world to him as best I can.

Other people in life are indispensable – we need others to help us bring out the best in ourselves and also to contrast ourselves against; identifying traits of others where we say, “Oh that’s definitely not me!”

Yet, as no two people are alike, no matter how much they may appear to be – the uniqueness of individuals makes gauging your own life entirely by somebody else’s standards entirely impossible;

So… I say frequently I am not a role model! because I wouldn’t want someone else to try to be me.

But if I happen to help someone bring something out within themselves that allows them the tools to manage themselves better in this absurd world we’ve all been thrust into, then I feel as if I’m leading a good life and that I’m a good person.

I suppose if I had an overarching dream, it would be that we could all each be ourselves and more or less pleasantly; not trying to control or dominate but rather reflect the best parts of each other back onto themselves, like mirrors… seeing the good parts of each other over the shadow parts.

So much attention is paid to our shadow sides… but shadows are flat.  We can’t get rid of our shadows but they don’t have to drag us in either.

Anyway – thank you.  I never know what step I’m going to take next; that kind of confidence is something I never seem to have.  But in the depths of it all, I seem to trust that there’s a basic goodness in most people, and even in people that are bad, there’s something good within them that was simply misapplied.

I have to forgive myself frequently for imperfections so I try to give others the same courtesy… I don’t know their inner demons as it were :)

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