There’s no money in Bidets. There’s money in toilet paper.

My part of a *Bidet* discussion. “Why don’t we use them in the West?” was the question. Here’s my answer. It’s a shitty one.

There’s no money in Bidets.
There’s money in toilet paper.

I use whatever’s around. Campfire / drunk party / guy-talk conversation many times has been the question, “How do you use toilet paper?” and for as many people as are in the group (even when women are in the group), there are just as many answers.

I’m always astounded at the variety of butt cleaning methods – and that’s just within toilet paper. It’s practically an origami.

But I could switch to bidet. Wouldn’t matter to me. But I even have a preference: I like Angel Soft two ply. It goes into the septic system and breaks down nicely. [I did my own testing years ago using a mason jar and water… and shook it a few times, just like the Consumer Reports testing did] and found the cotton based ones don’t break down at all.. .and angelsoft broke down better than scratchy Scott, which I’m glad for.

Charmin clogs up the system within days. We have 12+ ppl in the house, and whenever ppl stay over, we hear a “burp burp” in the system. It’s not the shitting so much, but the toilet paper and the water making it rise that causes issues. Right kind of paper, no problem.

Maybe flash-paper would be better. Kill it with fire.

Wipe, light, and then the poop floats down to the ground like feathers from a down pillow.

HM.. maybe physics doesn’t go that way.

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