There’s no intrinsic ethics to business which is why there’s fraud regulations

There’s no intrinsic ethics to business which is why there’s fraud regulations

Yup – and it’s not “value for shareholders” either. That’s PR bullshit. Just plain ol’ profit. Makes sense because if it *wasn’t* their motive, they’d be non-profits

They can definitely be scummy. Often tax-shelters for the rich, especially big religious and politically -linked non-profits.

But I think a lot of then do genuine good. Just have to research and it’s not hard.

“Hi, I run big biz and I donated $100 million to charity. My charity. With my name on it. Mine.”

With new tax laws, they won’t have to anymore. Take away benefits to charity donations and now there’s no need for them to run charities.

Sadly, this can negatively effect real charities. But some will survive ’til rules change again.

This new set of tax laws won’t last more than a few years. If it works and is functional for a working society with real people in it, which would be nice, of course it could stay. But it’s too billionaire-heavy and there’s not that many billionaires out there. Hopefully they step up to the plate beyond, “Here’s some one time toy money for you!!”

Citizens are getting a bone thrown their way this tax season. Bigger standard deduction. So, it’s like Oprah – “everybody gets more $$! FREE MONEY FOR EVERYBODY!”

But then, there’s next year and the one after that, and so on. No more free money for everybody. They just want to give the free money away long enough to get voted in another term. Might work, might not. Politics is always dirty.



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