There’s no bubble of mine for you to burst here

There’s no bubble of mine for you to burst here David.
I shared it as I was mocking this very same persistent comparison.
Raised around the pale, straight blond haired Jesus as a kid growing up, I was told I looked like Jesus a lot.
I even played Jesus in a church play when my hair was long, as well as playing the criminal on the left side of Jesus who was muttering and cursing on a cross 10 feet up in the air when I was 16 years old. [probably highly illegal as they didn’t do it again the next year].
Usually I played Matthew though, the tax collector.
In any event, I was grateful that I had one or two more progressive Sunday school teachers that let us know that “No, Jesus probably did not look like the Germanic Jesus but probably was short, olive skin and had curly dark hair.”
So when the silly Scientific Jesus came out as it did, I was already prepared for it and wasn’t surprised.
Black Jesus never bothered me because I saw plenty of Black Jesus art growing up and knew from Joseph Campbell about the recreations of myths anyway — and that every culture with Christianity had it customized for their own familiar look and feel.
So, there’s no bubble of mine to burst. But I apologize for bringing up issues and I’m glad you expressed them for any members of the audience that should see them.
There’s aspects of this that spilled over that you’ve had to deal with – that never should have been. This whole thing should have stayed and remained strictly an internal Christian thing but that it became something that has affected your status in life and how people perceive you is a bad thing that never should have been.
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