there’s always something we can do right from where we are

I got my head. It can imagine. I got my arms with hands attached and fingers to those. Those fingers can work a computer. From that computer, hooked to the internet, i can access people. With people, I can convince. With convincing, i can make change happen from far away.

All starting from my mind.

I got feet. I can carry this body to other places too. I got eyes that can take in ALL the Universe I can see and stick a compressed form of it into my brain and travel around it and even change a few things.

So, I don’t worry so much about what I can’t do. i can do so much right from here. I don’t worry about the other people either. They got their own demons to fight and things to do.

So yeah – I think there’s always something we can do right from where we are smile emoticon


I’m glad I met you as well my friend. I deal with people one on one as well. I know everybody’s names that ever friends me and remember them all at some level. They’re all important to me and I feel honored whenever someone decides I’m worth friending.

As a ps – Google somehow thinks I’m the President of Earth because of an absurd video I made once. [I had a little fun with the Earth Flag thing last year when it came out and stuck my face on it.. ’cause _somebody_ had to be the good tyrant of the planet tongue emoticon



I make it easy. You can head any committee or dept you like. You don’t have to report to me. Mind you, there’s no funding – that’s up to you. Also, you don’t have to change anything you’re already doing.

I figure everybody’s doing everything right already. Makes it easy to be President smile emoticon




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