There’s always going to be SOMEBODY who remembers and they never keep their mouths shut because nobody wants to be alone with their knowledge.

Keep books. Tell stories of grandma / grandpa. It’s not like there’s a lack of paper or internet.

People are going work to keep what heritage matters to them regardless of statues or monuments. Denazification just kept people from having to see reminders of dead bodies everywhere.

As far as the Holocaust deniers? They’ve been around forever. The biggest push was in the late 1970s by one guy in particular. Forgot his name. It gathered steam and continues being spread. Like all rumors, the more controversial, the less it’ll die.

Personally? it doesn’t bother me either way. Set up a museum. Set up websites. Whatever.

But if a town says “we’re done with that”, they should’ve be forced to see it every single day.

It’d be like someone getting shot and leaving the body there to rot day after day…. but encasing it in glass and vacuum sealing it.

Don’t want to forget history now, do we?

Some people will deny or try to change history. Others will keep history. Remember historians? They GENERALLY try to be accurate as possible. Not all of course: historians – with – agendas are a scary lot.

But even without proper historians, every family’s a historian. Every village carries their own histories with them.

You never get 100% compliance . That’s something important to remember. NEVER 100% compliance.

There’s always going to be SOMEBODY who remembers and they never keep their mouths shut because nobody wants to be alone with their knowledge.


Anyway, I think I’m done going on and on about the statues too. I never really cared about them either way. Keep or go, it’s none of my business. Just don’t bleed all over my streets bringing unrelated shit into my town.


You’re not looking. Baltimore took their statues down in the middle of the night. They were gonna do it anyway but they didn’t want outsiders having a shitfit.


As far as the Charlottesville, it was a 3-2 vote by the city council. A group sued. Wasn’t long before this local problem got used as a backdrop for a large battle, bringing in people who didn’t give a shit about local statues but their own interests.

But the voted-in council – voted in by the people – decided by majority to remove them. A close vote? Yeah. But still, it was a decision of the city of Charlottesville. They wanted it down.


Also don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Don’t believe everything you’re told.


City Councils deciding to remove THEIR OWN STATUES should be THEIR decision.


No need for grand conspiracies. that just sounds weird. Nobody needs to pay anybody for a little group vandalism.

They’ll be fined and serve their time. If the town wants, they can rebuild the statue and put it back up. Or build another. Or leave it gone. There’s rules for this sort of thing already and for things that aren’t, there’s city councils and such.


Am I making it sound too cute? I think I’m getting outraged out


There’s a dead woman whose face I can’t get out of my head. We turned a page.



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