There’s a Science correlate for most human things.

Sociology is a fascinating science, although sometimes it amounts to “the science of stereotyping”.

To me, there are Religions and Sciences, not Religion and Science, although I sometimes use the conventions myself.

I think metaphorically some people say “Science” but really mean “Theoretical Physics” for example and not “Psychology”.

Metaphorically some people say “Religion” and really mean, “Southern Baptist Fundamentalist” rather than Buddhism, for example.

So to me, it’s good to remember the plethora of human groupings fitting within these vague conceptual constructs. Otherwise, one can THINK they’re being intelligent, but are really being quite idiotic.

Watching Hawking try to debunk God on the Science Channel a few years ago made him look like an idiot. I’m sure he got a lot of applause, but they were from people who, like him, don’t seem to know a lick about Theology, which is, really, a Science, on par with any of the other Science. Just like there’s Junk Science and Junk Philosophy, there’s also Junk Theology as well, but there’s good stuff in there too.

There’s a Science correlate for most human things.

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