There’s a hypothesis that’s I’ve seen here and there – the N400 – has to do with human consciousness, awareness, hysteresis, lag. When does consciousness “kick in” from a cold start – reactions to surprise. Well, I had a chance to test it out. Lightening. I was recording the rain and then lightening. I added a timer to it, and some music and quirkiness for fun, but the gist of it is; I got to test out this N400 hypothesis myself by being surprised at the lightening I saw and then did a full body reaction, which you can see as I twist and turn away. When we’re in control or aware of the timing of things, we can react MUCH more quickly: when we drop a plate we can catch it without looking. Or playing the piano can happen at MUCH MUCH faster speeds than that. But from “eye” to “omg that light means something can kill me” to “body get moving” is 400ms. 400ms to react to the unexpected in some way. Yes, I knew lightening was a possibility but I was occupied on recording the rain falling and wasn’t really thinking about lightening. Anyway, a little science for the day. #CognitiveScience #brain #science #experience #Time


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