There’s a famous hypnosis technique : confusion.

 There’s a famous hypnosis technique : confusion.
It works on highly rational people who reason logically.
I read a script of it once, poorly, back in 2013, shared it on Youtube and some other places. And I was surprised to find out that it worked ,according to people’s reports who could also have being kind except for their annoyance at me.
There’s also a famous investing style that uses this kind of “I’m going to beat the system with reason” invented by George Soros; it’s a good system and many people use it. I want to say “reflexology” but that’s not quite right.
Anyway, it uses the “rational market” against itself; because people aren’t fully rational no matter how hard they try and the harder they try, they more easy it is to find investment opportunities using them as the contrast because they follow a pattern now.
More to the point, sowing and continued sowing of distrust in their enemies words among their enemies peoples; that’s all that’s necessary.
 It is not odd. I stopped watching documentaries a very long time ago for similar reasons; I am too thin-minded to resist manipulation.
I notice it, and then I follow it. So I cut off when I notice it.
I notice when “my side” does it too and I have to throw out the chaff and keep the wheat but it’s not hard; America is rather simple in how it does things; its biases are fixed in several buckets that never change.

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