there’s a couple of 5w4s and 5w6 there but I don’t know how much yet.

there’s a couple of 5w4s and 5w6 there but I don’t know how much yet.

5w4 ENFP Postmodernism
5w4 ENFP Deconstruction
5w4 ENTP Surrealism
5w4 ENTP LaVeyan Satanism
5w4 ENTP Stirnerism
5w4 ENTP Existential Nihilism
5w4 ENTP Eclecticism
5w4 ENTP Discordianism
5w4 ENTP Jamahiriya
5w4 INFJ Mysticism
5w4 INFJ Occultism
5w4 INFJ Sufism
5w4 INFJ Gnosticism
5w4 INFJ Omnism
5w4 INFJ Kabbalah
5w4 INFJ Perennialism
5w4 INFJ Hermeticism
5w4 INFJ Augustinianism
5w4 INFJ Relationalism
5w4 INFJ Neoplatonism
5w4 INFJ Psychological Nihilism
5w4 INFJ Logos
5w4 INFJ Classical Mythology
5w4 INFJ Dialectical Mysticism
5w4 INFJ Druze
5w4 INFP Historicism
5w4 INTJ Nietzscheism
5w4 INTJ Misanthropy
5w4 INTJ Luciferianism
5w4 INTJ German philosophy
5w4 INTJ German Idealism
5w4 INTJ Skull and Bones
5w4 INTJ Perspectivism
5w4 INTJ Efilism
5w4 INTJ Rational Mysticism
5w4 INTP Blackpill (incel)
5w4 INTP Nihilism
5w4 INTP Anarcho-communism
5w4 INTP Libertarianism
5w4 INTP Moral Relativism
5w4 INTP Solipsism
5w4 INTP Compatibilism
5w4 INTP Pre-Socratic philosophy
5w4 INTP Intellectualism
5w4 INTP Metaphysical Nihilism
5w4 INTP Promortalism
5w4 INTP Averroism
5w4 ISFP Sentientism
5w4 ISTP Soto Zen
5w6 ENFJ Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis
5w6 ENTP Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
5w6 ENTP Secularism
5w6 ENTP Kopimist philosophy
5w6 ESTJ Gender Critical Feminism
5w6 ESTJ Empiricism
5w6 ESTJ Hoppeanism
5w6 INFJ Libertarian Socialism
5w6 INFJ Democratic Transhumanism
5w6 INFJ Intuitionism
5w6 INFJ Scholasticism
5w6 INTJ Antinatalism
5w6 INTJ Marxism
5w6 INTJ Transhumanism
5w6 INTJ Determinism
5w6 INTJ Technocracy
5w6 INTJ Hegelianism
5w6 INTJ Dialectical Materialism
5w6 INTJ The Fourth Political Theory
5w6 INTJ Naturalism
5w6 INTJ Constructivism
5w6 INTJ Universalism (philosophy)
5w6 INTJ Moral Nihilism
5w6 INTP Rationalism
5w6 INTP Cartesianism
5w6 INTP Analytic philosophy
5w6 INTP Darwinism
5w6 INTP Logicism
5w6 INTP Thomism
5w6 INTP Pythagoreanism
5w6 INTP Epistemology
5w6 INTP Avicennism
5w6 INTP Process philosophy
5w6 INTP Mathematicism
5w6 INTP Legalism (Western philosophy)
5w6 INTP Scientocracy
5w6 ISTJ Antitheism‎
5w6 ISTJ Logical Positivism
5w6 ISTJ Blackpill Feminism
5w6 ISTJ Neo-nationalism
5w6 ISTP Reductionism
5w6 XXXX Mathematical Platonism
5w6 XXXX Shia Islam

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