there’s a chance you may never get to find out. O_O

Good. I’m glad someone said it. This is from the “Today I learned” section of Reddit and it’s making the rounds:
“Today I learned, the reason so many crazy news articles begin with, “A Florida man/woman…” is because the media have unrestricted access to Florida police reports”Not that I’m defending Florida, but everywhere else you go, records are sealed tight to the media so you don’t get to learn about your nutty neighbors.

PS – they’re still nutty. They just have privacy to be nutty.

Good Reddit spotting, Ethan.  It’s kinda crazy when you think about it though:  if YOUR neighbors are nutty… and if you’re not in Florida… there’s a chance you may never get to find out. O_O

In NJ where I came from all we had was rumors to go by.  Only the REALLY EXTREME things made it to the news.  The rest?  Buried.

Probably better that way honestly.  I’d rather NOT know what’s going on around me sometimes 😛

  Well, same thing holds true.

They can’t do ANYTHING and not get spotted.  All of the police reports are OPEN to the public.  All of them.

So if a cop does something wrong in MOST places, you never get to find out.  In Florida, we find out.

So I don’t think they’re crazier here; they just have no way to hide their behavior like they can in other states.

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