There were 65 ppl on the first Internet youth rights list on Oct 2, 1991

From:    HAMP::KUDUT        “Children’s Rights List Co-ordinator”  2-OCT-1991 21:57:48.93
Subj:    RE: :)

Yep :) I’m the one!

I’m running alist on Children’s Rights.  Currently, there’s about 65 people
that joined it.  It’s been quiet for the past few days… but when
it gets going… some of the conversations get pretty interesting…
there’s been people leaving the list because it was too active!
But, luckily, there’s always an equal amount of people that want
to join anytime someone wants to get off…

Wanna be on it?  :)

–Ken  (send mail to “”…. you have
to send it through the network :) )

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