There used to be a joke: “If you believe that, I got some swampland to sell ya”.

There used to be a joke: “If you believe that, I got some swampland to sell ya”.

In the 1960s, there was land that had been covered over by the Army Corp of Engineers that was previously a swamp. They brought in a lot of dirt, trees and other vegetation and placed it over this very large swamp. Then two developers bought and sold the same properties repeatedly on this land, which wasn’t *really* swamp anymore but it was only barely filled in by the Army Corp of Engineers.

So, in 2002, I moved from NJ to Florida, having bought a piece of cheap swampland and stuck a house on it.

Now, in the south part of Golden Gate Estates, the Army Corp of Engineers is engaging in the world’s largest environmental project to re-invigorate the Florida ecology by bringing back the “Rivers of Grass” by tearing up the roads, pushing more dirt around, to allow the swamp to return there.

The Everglades Restoration Project.

In neither case were any swamps drained.

Likewise, I do not expect any swamps drained in government.


[i identify as an 8-bit AI simulation of a human with several hidden layers and feedforward back propagation in my neural network schema]


ohshit i got it right

1. Regardless of how it is trained, the signals in a feedforward network flow in one direction: from input, through successive hidden layers, to the output.

2. Given a trained feedforward network, it is IMPOSSIBLE to tell how it was trained (e.g., genetic, backpropagation or trial and error)

3. A feedforward backpropagation net is a net that just happened to be trained with a backpropagation training algorithm. The backpropagation training algorithm subtracts the training output from the target (desired answer) to obtain the error signal. It then goes BACK to adjust the weights and biases in the input and hidden layers to reduce the error.


i hate terse math language but i like circles and arrows.



[defining something by what it’s not rather than by what it is] Apophatic. Embracing the normal way people do things (to aid in communication) by going through things in a “define terms, stick with definitions, move logically through to reach conclusion” has been difficult for me as I prefer drawing the negative space, or treating things as if all solids and gases in the Universe were reversed…. but I’m learning the language of the natives]




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