There used to be a discussion group known as MINISTRY-L at GACVAX1.

(what prompted me to start MINISTRY list - Ken 02-03-2016)
There used to be a discussion group known as MINISTRY-L at GACVAX1.
[a MAILSERV in the UK]
However, in checking around, it seems to be defunct :-/
I checked through the mailing lists posted to news.lists, as well as
a new (as of January 24, 1995) copy of the Bitnet List of Lists,
and I can't find any discussion groups for ministers, or for people
(like me!) who are starting the process of going into school, then into
seminary, then into ministry.
Is anyone aware of such a list?
If there isn't one, would someone running LISTSERV be willing to
support it?  I am familiar with LISTSERV from the listowner end
[I've listowned Y-RIGHTS@SJUVM since Nov. 1991], so learning
curve shouldn't be a problem.
I would ask Paul K., sysadmin for the LISTSERV at SJUVM, but I would
first like to open it up for a LISTSERV owner that is running
a similar type of list.
For example, at SJUVM, there are lists having to do with Autism,
Handicapped, Attention Deficit Disorder, children's rights [my list :-> ],
and other projects having to do with kids/teens, and the concerns
parents, medical community, teachers, and kids/teens themselves have
about kids/teens.
I'm sure that Paul wouldn't have any trouble with this, but I would
rather see it on, for example, ASUACAD.BITNET - home of Christia,
or UIUCVMD.BITNET - home of various Quaker lists, or TEMPLEVM.BITNET
home of an Interreligious discussion group - [just glancing at the
List of Lists here]
I'll be more than glad to write up a summary of intentions for the
proposed list, if one doesn't already exist.  Basically, it would
be a list for paid ministers and especially for those interested in
going into ministry, either in the Catholic, Protestant,
Unitarian Universalist, or other traditions.
Any help in finding a ministry list/discussion group, or helping
me set one up would be *greatly* appreciated.

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