There. That’d be a good comeback if someone

but but but then… then you’re suing yourself ’cause… ’cause.. well.. the money’s a grab-bag of fundage plucked from 300 million people (give or take a few million) – and going into your pocket and… well.. um…

yeah, I got nothin’.

It’s United *States* of America – not United Santas of America.

There. That’d be a good comeback if someone was a pro-tax person which… I’m not. I pay so they can play. Such is how it is

[I like imaging what a pro-something-I’m-not would say. Early today, I made a fake web-comic similar to the asdf-movie style that is in the unfunny manner of uber social justice warrior vegan-fight-for-cute-animals-only. You know – when someone pretends they’re going to be funny but then preaches something:

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