“There is no private Trump”.

“There is no private Trump”. That line jumps out at me more than the “lipstick on a pig” cliche. What you see is all there is. That’s something I hadn’t expected. I should have… but I’d hoped there was more depth because I remember the “Art of the Deal”.

The author (ghostwriter) didn’t want to write the book as he explains. He asked for 50% which just doesn’t happen for ghostwriters. Trump agreed on the spot after only hearing the title. I’ll give Trump credit for that: He understand short-attention span and how people can be wooed by a single phrase. He was. He *is* short attention span.

That said, I believe in the checks and balances which includes a slow red-tape system in the USA. It prevents a lot of things from happening that could be a disaster. It’s stronger than Trump. So, I’m not _that_ worried: it’d just be embarrassing.

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