There is no national police force in the USA.

There is no national police force in the USA.

So, in short, there is nobody who can tell every law enforcement agency in the USA what to do and how to do it.


That’s our strength and weakness alike. Decentralization avoids federal tyranny but doesn’t stop local tyranny.


Yes. State level tyranny is harder to overcome as it often becomes part of the “personality” of a state.

Federal > State > County > City > Borough > Village/Neighborhood > Street > House

That’s how I think of the nesting.


You won’t like most State police. County cops are also a little “too powerful”. But _usually_ local police are ok so long as they know your neighborhood.


Different and also the same wherever you go. Cop swagger, fighting between different levels, fighting among the same levels, some cooperation. It’s messy but _usually_ it comes together in court.

That’s why surviving to get a court hearing is so important. It’s the only place where the potential of justice may be found.

At the law enforcement level, it’s mostly intuition and then often finding a law to match afterwards,


No. You misunderstood. The FBI issued a warning that white supremicist groups were consciously infiltrating local, county and state police forces in the USA.

Theoretically, the FBI should be professionals and not suffer from those issues as much as they are “top detectives” and not street cops.



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