There is absolute Truth. Truth is play.


  • I like Rorty a *lot* but to me, what he said is: True=False. True=Evidence arranged in a context.. He played the “let’s redefine terms” game, which is fine – I do it myself constantly (which is why I love Heidegger (thank you for pointing him out to me btw) – and Rorty – but I also know I’m playing a bit of a shell game when I do it. The people who argue with me are correct about that because, well, in the end, I see all human social activity as game play of various forms. [not the strict ‘ game theory’ but just play as a general concept]

    [and actually, I see even what we do when we are alone, thinking, or feeling as a form of play]
  • Kenneth Udut So, I would say this as my absolute Truth: Truth is Play.


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