*There is a Mouth inside of

*There is a Mouth inside of your Brain* by Kenneth Udut. You can skip all of this. Thank Kenneth Udut or Curse me for the weirdness and confusion or clarity xD

There is a mouth inside of your brain. And a brain inside of your mouth. This can all be meaningless coincidence. You don’t actually Move your brain in the same way as you do your mouth. BUT: Take away the context. You are an alien studying a human. What would you think?

Also: I don’t know what this part of the brain is used for yet.

BUT: there is a *reason* for this _shape_ to appear. Why this shape? And yes it also resembles other things. Many many other things. Biological of course but also in nature. Read on if you dare. It just gets stranger and more swirly and may all mean nothing. I’m ok with that.

ALSO: I’m leaving a lot out. Hence why it sounds weird and confusing. But it should be weird and confusing and, well leave you with a big ? that you just can’t wrap your mouth around to think, or your brain around to eat. THIS WHOLE THING ONLY TOOK A 1/2 HR TO FIND OUT, MAKE THE VIDEO, AND WRITE THIS AND UPLOAD IT. I like being efficient. xD Love you! -Ken

Mind=Blown One thing led to another, starting with waking up this morning, when I realized the ? is a hand to catch things or a hook to grab things. Led to the Q, led to the shape where the q came from, led to the sound the original Q made and what part of the body – the uvula ”a voiceless uvular stop” – writing of it goes all the way back to ancient hieroglyps – an open O with a line on the top then starting again at the bottom… and the way the Q sound is made – using the uvula – and the uvula is the punching bag in the iddle of the O shape of the mouth… and it turns out there is a uvula in the brain in a place they call, in grays anatomy, a uvula and there are also tonsils. Since everything in the brain is flipped upside down from the outside world (rotated 180 degrees – think how vision is flipped), it makes sense that other things in the brain would be flipped as well… including the structure of a mouth.Why is there a structure of a mouth in the brain? Or why is the mouth in the structure of the brain? That’s my next bit of research. But… there are connections between things that are fundamental to how we think as humans.. and perhaps to the nature of reality itself… or at least as reality is to meatbags living on an accelaring orb whose acceleration around itself causes the sensation of being pulled down – gravity… whereas if we were floating, we wouldn’t have the same style of meatbags.. and, well.. this is only one small piece of a puzzle that will be completely mindblowing. Completely. Removae all context and you start to see amazing patterns…

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