There is a doctor’s care involved.

There is a doctor’s care involved.
If a doctor feels it is medically helpful to, for example, continue prescribing hormone blockers, which is not uncommon for dysphoria and has like a 50 year track record already, or continue hormone therapy, that is what this is referring to.
Are there crazy doctors pushing dysphoria on children that aren’t dysphoric AND retaining their medical license to be pediatricians?
VERY unlikely despite FOX News style hype.
Does this include medical surgery? HIGHLY UNLIKELY
What it is to me is a half-way mark between EMANCIPATION and IN LOCO PARENTIS which is precisely the zone that runaways are at.
It is an appropriate bill. If there are concerns, scrutinize the very limited amount of Doctors around Washington State that can help them and make sure they’re on the up-and-up. But don’t punish the runaways.

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