There is a certain beauty in “POTENTIAL”.

There is a certain beauty in “POTENTIAL”.

What might be.  What might not.  Constant state of flux.  Uncertainty.  The point emerging forth from unawareness, leading into awareness.



Ready to spring into action.  Poised.


Cat is awaiting “the chase” and “the capture”.

Crouched down, tail changing from slowly swishing to a back and forth thrashing.  The cat may or may not capture the target, whether it be a mouse or a ball of yarn, or an unsuspecting finger or foot or arm.  More importantly for our purposes: will the cat act?  Or will the cat lie down and go to sleep, perhaps dreaming of the chase that never was and the perfect capture that could have been.

It is that inbetween state.  The potentiality.  The “might”.  ‘The “could”.  The “should” (although I do not care for the “should’s” – too much pressure!), the “perhaps”, “maybe”, and even – although this is usually mentioned after the fact – “almost”.

April 5, 2005 Kennneth Udut

From an unpublished typewritten paper.

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