There is a beauty even in

^There is a beauty even in the ugliest of souls. It is a viewpoint that has taken me 40 years to gather. To see the surface of people is easy: judge them by what they appear to do and appear to say. But to prick just beneath the surface and you'll find that there is a depth in all people, even the apparently simplest of souls. It is an honor to occasionally be allowed to sneak a peak at the lights shining deeply within, whether hidden by surface ignorance or layers of protection, or through platitudes of judgemental criticism launched quickly to provide the critiquer with a self-esteem boost. These are perhaps the hardest to understand, but it is critical to be able to do so, if one wants to eventually have a soul that can exist at peace with ALL mankind – not just those whose vibrations are harmonic with our own – that is easy – "to like those who like you." But to like those who don't like you – much more satisfactory.^

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