There are only one ‘condiion’ for love: The one loving.

There are only one ‘condiion’ for love: The one loving. You can say, “I love.” without an object as it can be a state of being – an emotional expression emminating from something. It need not necessarily have an object.

That would be unconditional, would it not?

I believe that love is a verb that gets used as a noun but it is in actually a verb masquerading as a noun for convenience.

One can love unconditionally.

t So my answer, Vera Meisel to the OP is:

No. Unconditional Love does not exist, because Love does not have a separate existence somewhere without the support of “one who is loving”

I don’t have children, Vera, but I am in a position where I help teach, support and care for a number of children and adults, just going about my life.

I love each of them. Period. I don’t own any of them. I take the time to type these words because, I love you at some level, else why would I bother typing?

Is it unconditional? What would be a condition? I don’t expect a response. I “share because I care”, regardless of the consequences. I hope that’s unconditional – I believe it is. I could also be wrong; I’m good at being wrong tongue emoticon


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