there are no singular right answers to every question.

h yes! The fox teacher was familiar, as was Hilltop School.  I looked it up, heard the theme song and smiled.  I remember it; one of my nieces was a fan of the show and I remember seeing an episode or two.  :D

It’s a difficult world to satisfy all in.  There are no singular right answers for every question.  My perfect world isn’t the perfect world of my neighbors, but a society that allows for creativity for people to help build their respective perfect worlds also needs free choices to be available, including reasonable alternatives for people with different needs.

Children are a people with similar needs in most ways but they also have different needs as they haven’t learned how to ignore as much as adults learn to ignore.

Anyway, before I start up my podium speech  again (it scares me that I feel like a preacher/politician/professor/activist when I get on certain subjects) – I just want to say “Thanks!”   Validation by a fictional teacher through the mind and keyboard and heart of my Internet friend, Dylan Cuffy, means much to me.

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