There are no points. there are no lines. Everything is rotating ellipses

From my thought collector – two years ago. There are no points. there are no lines. Everything is rotating ellipses with two foci not one. A rotating ellipse is automatically an engine. Quarks are 3 dimensional engines. (A circle is really an ellipse with two overlapping focal points, one we can’t see)



Yes – and with multiple rotating focal points – there’s really no single center per se. They’re each proper centers of their own but yet more than centers because of their moving relationships with one another.


Well that’s another part as well. I didn’t bring it up to 4D and then 5D here. Being able to visualize the (possible) inner engine seemed more important as well as breaking our dependence upon seeing points lines and circles as unmoving platonic forms and shifting to elliptical engines.



This way of thinking turns every circle you ever encounter into an ellipse with overlapping focal points. That single change of thought, I believe improves our ability to envision higher dimensions in every day existence.



Well I have some theories about Time itself that relates it to the way we use Time linguistically… in that perhaps time itself operates in a manner which reflects our linguistic usage, which is far more complicated than simplistic block time or arrow time but harder to measure.12074858_792471423978_4062017718678719594_n


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