There -are- good people in this world after all

There -are- good people in this world after all

by Kenneth Udut (1:107/952)

This is my first posting to Fidonews, and hopefully not my last. I am
a relatively new addition to the Fidonet community. I entered Fidonet
mainly to harass the Fido/Internet Gateway here (1:107/10) by
receiving my college mail and LISTSERV mail (I run Y-
RIGHTS@SJUVM.BITNET – a list on the rights of kids and teens. It’ll
be a list on Fidonet if I can help it, but I’ll wait until I
understand the political/technological structure better) :)

I’d just like to reply to my friend Tom Jennings, who doesn’t yet know
I’m a friend, but’ll soon find out ;)

( Tom Jennings (1:1/1) )

> Nope. I revived some junk computers (IBM XT’s, with cassette ports
> even!), painted them fun colors, to give out to people who don’t
> any. The more hardware-fetishistic amongst us will whine that giving
> someone a PC1 is worse than no computer at all; I beg to differ. I
> think most people grossly *over*estimate their hardware needs. And I
> can tell you my smart and literate but non-techie friends generating
> print publications with GEOWORKS are quite happy.

Tom, you are a great man! I see people complaining to me about my
slow Tandy 1000 TL (286 8mhz) and how I should upgrade, but why?
Sure, I’d like to have a computer that rivals a mini-VAX running VMS
or an older IBM mainframe, but I frankly can’t afford it

FidoNews 9-15 Page 4 13 Apr 1992

> (medium flicker)

I see a trend in longer-running BBS sysops which says “Upgrade or
Die”. It’s the same trend I see in software development. What you end
up having is a handful of people going up and up and up with their
computer’s speed, power and efficiency, and a whole LOT of people
without even an inkling as to what a computer can do for them.

I think we should try to fill in the gaps. Take the older computers
and “spruce them up” a bit. Get Geoworks Ensemble (A WONDERFUL
program… but, then again, I Beta Test for them, so I’m biased ;D ),
toss it on their 10 Meg Hard Drives and send them on their way into
the world of computers. We should give these non-computer people a
shot and get the world of PC’s out of the hands of the Progressional
folks only, and get some of the power into the hands of the Average

Owning a computer can get to be a bit of the Ultimate Status Symbol,
allowing for Instant Gratification (don’t you love Key Phrases?).
Once you get hooked on the power, it doesn’t cost TOO much for the
person with a 40hr/week job to upgrade, and it allows them to get to a
power that they really don’t need. I applaud the people that stand by
their original computers… all the CoCos/Commadore 64s/Atari
xxxs/Apple ][s/early Tandys out there. Some of us will say “Oh – get
a life! The world is an IBM world now, baby, and you gotta flow along
with it”. They seem to do just fine and dandy with what they have and
instead of spending their time getting the NEXT best thing, they use
their computers for what they were intended. :::: applauding ::::


Sorry in advance for any/all offended. These opinions are my own and
I accept responsibility only for those statements. I also see the
other side of the coin quite clearly, because I find myself falling
into the trap every once in a while, and I know that I will be an
upgrade fanatic once I get some money together. So I am probably
talking more about what I’m afraid of becoming rather than about you.
(5 cent psychological self-analyzation).

So, YEAH to Geoworks Ensemble, YEAH to Fidonet and YEAH, especially,
to Tom Jennings, who quite inspires this young male to move forth
through the world with the eyes of an Understanding One, instead of
falling into the trap of the Bigot, the ConMan, or the Elitist.

Thank You for accepting me kindly onto your terminal screens.

–Ken || All Comments, positive or negative, are welcome ||

FidoNews 9-15 Page 5 13 Apr 1992

Kenneth Udut @ 1:107/952 1:107/900 (hub)
PO Box 151 Roselle Park, NJ 07204-0151

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