Theoretical Physics becoming the new plethora of Religions and crowding around the 0.

It’s, of course, possible.  But the marvelous thing about mathematics and theoretical physics’ dependence upon mathematics, is that many things can be shown with it.  Parallel Universes or reverse time Universes, where the Big Bang = 0 and the Timeline goes  -1 one way and + 1 the other way…

We’ll keep seeing many more, “*HEY THIS IS POSSIBLE!*”  in Science Journals and magazines.  It’s popular, people like, it, it fuels the imagination and it gets people ‘into science’.  Well, at least into theoretical physics.

It’s a fusion of science fiction backed by numbers and big named theoretical physicists and mathematicians.

Any truth to it?

Well, the more we become dependent upon mathematics as the basis for reality, the more true such possibilities will seem.

It’s an open playing field; just as there is a plethora of religions explaining that “0”, so too theoretical physics will have a plethora of theories of origin.  To me, it’s no different.

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