theoretical physics needs more imagination and less mysticism.

The mysticism that has found its way into theoretical physics has become paired up with a diligent atheism; it’s become a strange marriage but it makes sense.  Shakespeare once said, “methinks you doth protest too much”; in other words, the more someone desperately tries to say something is false, the more likely it’s probably true.  Or… rather, they’re spending as much time trying to convince themselves as they are trying to convince others.

I’d like to see a more sober theoretical physics, with a little less mysticism, a little less activism, a little less politics – and a bit more imagination.  You’re right; hope-faith-fantasy.  I get the sense you’ve found this phenomenon annoying longer than I.  I just started noticing the trend about two years ago and once you see it, it’s hard to ignore it.

Before that, I was all wrapped up in it too.

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