Then it dawned on me: INTERSTATE SYSTEM!

Indeed. What inspired this was a friend in Australia. I was comparing population density of the USA to Australia and I saw how it went all down the roads, rather than just at the rivers like most countries.

Australia has development by water and rivers only and very little on the intervening roads.

There aren’t that many.

Then it dawned on me: INTERSTATE SYSTEM!

That’s why I took a second to thank Eisenhower. We take it for granted, but considering how it served soldiers coming back from war with young families to get jobs, helped spring up towns out of nowhere, created the mortgage industry (remember the banks were crap in the 1930s), hence the modern strong banks (as they were anyway).. it’s something worth congratulating

Of course now the mortgage system isn’t as sustainable, now that banks are weaker, now that America’s nearly officially an Oligarchy.. well.. things may be changing. But for the “free ride” we had for 40+ years as a country, it’s not bad at all, all things considered.

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