…then I wrote a few sentences, got bored.

Decided to go computer free tonight. As you see, I’m here.
Left laptop inside. Sat with notepad and pen. Started writing. After a page (it’s tiny notepad so not that much), I decided to try writing with my non-dominant hand, just to imitate what kind of physical therapy and brain restructuring would be required for me to do so if I had a stroke or something… not that I’m planning…

…and I got about 6 pages out slowly that way, but neat printing. Weird going through it.

In the process, I had a brain storm! Ah ha! I NOW KNOW what I need to do with my life and how to progress!

Jotted it down quickly with my dominant hand as not to lose it.

Made coffee.

Got laptop.

Started it up.

Started my master plan (which I’ve had before: calculating number of words per minute times how many hours I have free at the moment, reducing it somewhat to be realistic… I’m not going to sustain 110wpm for 5 hours)…

…then I wrote a few sentences, got bored.

Ended up looking for “cartoonizing software” for windows. [I already have an awesome app for my iPhone.. unfortunately nothing similar free for windows).

But, ended up testing out software, threw the vomit of blah from the test to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF5BixKgQ70

…then started checking notifications and here I am.

What’s up? No idea. Future comes at me and I deal with it in the present, based on whatever information I had from the past and modifying my responses in real time, attempting creative novelty to avoid becoming overly self-patterned.

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