Then 10 yrs later, X-Files came out. 22 yrs later here we are. 43.

I dunno honestly. My grandmother was into Edgar Cayce when I was growing up. Had a bunch of his books. She was into it, ancient aliens, atlantis, all that stuff. Never knew if she believed but I think she did. Short stint of it myself from 12-14 – especially loved Chariots of the Gods (written by that other guy – I forget his name – Daniken?). Then 10 yrs later, X-Files came out. 22 yrs later here we are. 43. No idea how. Don’t know who Alex is though either but I suck at names.


What about JAH?
In my 20s I was Eastern Orthodox for a bit – ’bout 5 yrs. Almost became a monk. Learned that Rastafarians are in communion with the Ethiopian Orthodox and the church I was with was in communion with Ethiopian Orthodox so that was kinda cool.

I still have monk as my retirement plan. Shit falls apart, join a monastery. Good Epicurean lifestyle – any monastery will do. All goes to the same place.


cool stuff. archeology lots of fun. I liked my time with the Orthodox tho’ – they had lineage – no archeology required really. Nothing to rediscover cause they didn’t lose it in the first place. Still, all good stuff. Here’s me from space. Oddly enough, keeps me grounded.



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