thematic groupings from bookmarks kenneth udut

thematic groupings from bookmarks kenneth udut
After removing links and stripping out stopwords, put a bunch of my bookmarks from 2013-2020ish into TEXTRAZR to list topics by frequency, then put 1/2 of that that into ChatGPT4 (now I’ll do the other half). Got this:

1. Neuroscience and Cognitive Science: This seems to be the most prominent theme, with numerous references to specific brain regions (like the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex, cerebral cortex, frontal lobe, parietal lobe) and cognitive processes (memory, perception, attention). Topics such as neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive science, neuroplasticity, and neural oscillation are directly related, indicating a significant interest in the workings of the brain and mind.
2. Computer Science and Programming: The second most prevalent theme is related to computing and programming languages. Topics such as APL (programming language), WordPress, HTML5, Node.js, computer programming, algorithm, software, and others suggest a strong interest in coding, web development, and perhaps AI.
3. Psychology and Philosophy: With topics like psychology, consciousness, philosophy, empathy, phenomenology, and cognitive psychology, Kenneth seems to have a substantial interest in understanding human behavior, emotions, consciousness, and the philosophical underpinnings of these concepts.
4. Physics and Mathematics: Topics such as spin (physics), eigenvalues and eigenvectors, quantum mechanics, geometry, tensor, calculus, angular momentum, and others point to an interest in physics and higher mathematics.
5. Information Technology and Digital Tools: Topics such as Bulletin board system, FidoNet, Internet Archive, World Wide Web, internet, Amazon Kindle, Wikipedia, YouTube, database, Microsoft Excel, and others suggest a significant usage of and interest in digital tools, online resources, and the broader field of IT.
6. Health and Biology: Topics like autism spectrum, preterm birth, biology, disease and condition, cell signaling, ketogenic diet, and others indicate a focus on health, human biology, and possibly bioinformatics.
7. Art, Language, and Culture: With topics like music, language, creativity, linguistics, and visual arts, it’s evident that Kenneth has a wide-ranging interest in the arts and culture.

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