thematic groupings from bookmarks kenneth udut pt 2

thematic groupings from bookmarks kenneth udut pt 2

After removing links and stripping out stopwords, put a bunch of my bookmarks from 2013-2020ish into TEXTRAZR to list topics by frequency. This is the 2nd half.

1. Continued Emphasis on Neuroscience and Cognitive Science: Kenneth’s continued interest in these areas is evident with topics such as Central nervous system, Cell (biology), Prenatal memory, Saccade, Nitric oxide, Human, Dopamine, Inferior temporal gyrus, Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, etc. It seems that Kenneth is interested in how our minds work at both the psychological and neurological level.
2. Deepening Interests in Computer Science, Programming and IT: Patch (computing), Command-line interface, Recursion, Patent, Object-oriented programming, ISO base media file format, HTTP cookie, Shell (computing), etc., suggest a continued and deepening interest in computer programming and the broader domain of information technology.
3. Further Interests in Physics and Mathematics: Topics like Renormalization group, Chaos theory, Dimension, Quaternion, Statistical mechanics, Non-equilibrium thermodynamics, Markov chain, etc. reinforce Kenneth’s interest in complex mathematical and physical theories.
4. Continued Attention to Health and Biology: Folate, Gluten-free diet, Gluten, Nitric oxide, Vitamin B12, Cellular differentiation, BioGRID, etc., indicate a strong interest in biological processes and personal health.
5. Exploration of Philosophy and Metaphysics: With topics like Panpsychism, Philosophical realism, Panentheism, Reality, Extended mind thesis, etc., it seems Kenneth is keen on understanding the philosophical and metaphysical aspects of existence.
6. Interest in Information and Data Management: PubMed, ResearchGate, Database, Data exchange, Search engine optimization, Google Drive, etc., suggest an engagement with the management and use of data and information, possibly within a research context.
7. Focus on Image and Signal Processing: Topics such as Digital image processing, Image segmentation, Low-complexity art, Image hosting service, ImageJ, etc., might indicate a professional or personal interest in digital image processing and possibly computer vision.
8. Interest in Communication and Linguistics: Verb, Language processing, Linguistics, Translation (biology), Discourse, etc., suggest a deep interest in language and communication, possibly relating to both human languages and computational ones.
9. Exploration of Art and Creativity: Topics like Low-complexity art, Art, Paint, Improvisation, etc., indicate an interest in artistic expression and possibly the cognitive processes behind creativity.
10. Concerns with Climate and Environment: Topics like Climate change, Weather forecasting, Moss, etc., suggest a concern for environmental issues and possibly a scientific interest in climatology.
11. Interest in Machine Learning and AI: Topics like Reinforcement learning, Computational creativity, Artificial consciousness, etc., hint at an interest in artificial intelligence, specifically around machine learning algorithms and the quest for machine consciousness.

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