them, they’ve gotta be tough.”

neat – up until yesterday, I thought Lapis Lazuli (a rare blue stone in Minecraft) was made up – fictional. I was quite happy to find out a) it’s a rare pigment in port wine, blueberries and very few other things, that has astounding health benefits to memory, UV protection etc b) it’s real c) it’s beautiful d) it’s one of my favorite colors – and… just now I llearned that they have a WORD for t…his “type” of color in the art world: e) lightfast. a lightfast color is one taht doesn’t fade with light. That means to me – UV protection. That means, antioxidants. That means : foods that contain natural colorfastness (in the skin color, etc) will automatically be better for your brain, your memory, your heart, your body, your skin because if the sun can’t bleach them, they’ve gotta be tough. “

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