their world and change the…

John – it’s true – just another day closer to the end – yeah, my birthday’s the 28th – yours is coming up soon too, right? Feb 6th I think? Mom said when I turned 25, “It’s all downhill after 25′ – it was funny and true but it never bothered me. My hardest year was when I turned 20 – no longer a teenager, not yet an adult. 1/ 2 a lifetime ago – but none of my other birthdays bothered me. As l…ong as I have some bit of happiness I can hold on to, life’s not bad. And as long as I keep learning and growing and progressing, I’ll always become more of the man I want to become. I want to be the wise old man sitting on a hill, where someone goes through a long journey to find me and says, “Oh Great Kenny, What is the Answer to Life, the Universe and everything?” and i’ll be able to say 7 words and those 7 words will rock their world and change the… “

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