The world outside my window is a blur of movement and sound,

The world outside my window is a blur of movement and sound,
A cacophony of voices and colors that swirl around me
In a dizzying dance that leaves me breathless and disoriented.

But here, in the stillness of my own mind,
I am at peace, floating on the currents of my own thoughts
As they carry me to places of wonder and beauty.

In my mind’s eye, I see forests of emerald green,
Rivers of crystal blue that flow with a gentle whisper,
And mountains that reach up to touch the sky.

And all around me, there is music,
A symphony of sound that fills me with joy and wonder,
As I lose myself in the melodies and harmonies of the universe.

But even here, in the sanctuary of my own mind,
There are shadows that lurk in the corners,
Whispers of doubt and fear that threaten to pull me under.

And so I cling to the light, to the beauty and wonder
That surround me in this world of my own making,
Hoping that they will guide me through the darkness
And lead me back to the light.

via chatGPT – write from an INFP 4w5-9w1-7w6, who does not know their own identity and must discover it but their sense of time is limited to a scope of but 15 seconds at once so they are constantly forgetting but then clues remind them in a faint way as they try to discover who they are without referencing any of the psychological traits mentioned with a bit of stream of consciousness with the poetry sections randomly interspersed?

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