the wicked Damien smile. }:->

i get that with D. – the wise-ass, “sarcastic” bug kicks in – it’s a major power trip, being “sassy” Remember when he was a baby and would take the food, look at you straight in the eye, and drop it straight to the floor to watch you pick it up? It’s the NEW version of that. “Look what I can do – I *dare* you to do something about it.” – and I dunno – they seem to find it SO hysterical – D. g…ets a downright wicked smile after some of those zingers. I probably go about it the wrong way – I pretend I didn’t hear it and carry on, hopefully taking away its power over me. Don’t know if it works or not, just the habit of how I respond I guess. Drives everybody else nuts, “How can you let him talk to you like that!?”, meanwhile he’s grinning ear to ear., or has the wicked Damien smile. }:-> “

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