The What-if processor in the brain.

Apparently there is a part of the brain that is able to process “What if”s very quickly; sort of an uncertainty processor.  Some people can come up with many answers to a single question at once, although the majority of people tend to come up with only one or two answers at once but they’re very certain about the answer.

But those with strong what-if processors are also certain but they are less surprised when alternatives end up becoming true, because they’ve mostly likely already thought of the scenerios and were prepared for them.

I’ve done well in stressful situations (performance wise) but afterwards, when I can relax, it takes me time to recover – as if I am completely mentally/physically drained.

I remember lightning hitting the property next door. I rushed to help contain the fire until the fire dept came by.  Me, my brother and sister were getting water to the fire any way that we could, just waiting for the storms to start (it was end of dry season before the first rainfall).

I did well and felt no pain and did everything I had to do.

Well, once that was contained, they rushed off to help a neighbor down the street.  But me? I was dead.  I couldn’t move for hours afterwards.  My legs and arms started stinging badly and I looked down and they were all bloody and dirty and stung. It was from running through sticker bushes, sharp weeds, scraping against tree branches.  My adrenylin protected me from pain.  But once the adrenylin was depleated

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