The way US History is taught still sucks balls. “Let’s make it as boring as possible”.

OP seems like a non-issue. I learned about the African slave trade in the 5th grade. My nephew, who just finished the 5th grade, also learned about it. Note: The way US History is taught still sucks balls. “Let’s make it as boring as possible”. History is extremely interesting but the school system manages to make it so dry that most kids don’t care and therefore, the adults they become don’t care either.


Would you like me to fall into a nice category of “with us / against us”? Or mickey mouse it? You’re intelligent.


Depends. Am I universally not understandable or just by you? If you’re the only person who can’t understand me then… perhaps the problem isn’t with me.


Thank you Dr. Jyeb. I’m sure Oprah wants to start a show with your name on it with your level of analytical psychological ability.

Should…. I…. speak… more…. slowly… so… you… un…der…stand?

No. I think you’re intelligent enough to comprehend. You’re just in 4chan mode still.


I was in a NJ classroom in the 80s: we learned that slavery was around from the start. My nephew 5th grade, Florida, also learned it.

So, I’ll give kudos on getting THAT right in the school school systems I know of.

Then again, my 6th grade history book had white clean shaven cavemen with blond hair. My mother had a shit fit when I pointed it out and laughed at it. She went all SJW and spoke to the principal. I just got a kick out of how stupid the textbook was.


I can’t help your cognitive flaws in comprehension. You’ll improve. I have faith.


History started in the 4th grade for me. Same with nephew, 30+ yrs later, different state. The only thing new is Common Core was slapped on everything, and they found ANOTHER way to fuck up math.

I’ll give Obama kudos on this one: Getting rid of No Child Left Behind was a good move. Common core rode on the coattails of the Bush admin’s broad fed powers… and I’m REALLY glad the outrage over its inept application caused its total collapse.

Meanwhile though… a lot of kids are STILL going to have to go through another year or two of the shit until the dust settles and the states get their individualized curriculums back.

Then again, I’d be an unschooler if I could. Whatever. School always sucked and always will. Should be demolished but whatever.


You have more suspicions than a church lady. It’s part narcissism, part stupidity and part my observation and experience with conversations styles commonly found online such as “you suck and here’s why.” “No, you suck and here’s why” that go on for perpetuity.

But carry on if it amuses you. It’s a fun game sometimes.


Here: I’ll be diplomatic. The OP is a non-issue for me and those I know from my experience only.

It may be an issue for some, therefore, I apologize for overgeneralizing based upon my limiting worldview.


Slavery’s not the non-issue to me. The non-issue is the purported lack of education.


Does it? I’m not a black American. I don’t know what their narrative is. I learned that blacks traded blacks and whites came in to trade. But the slavery was of a different type: more like indentured servitude when a village lost a battle rather than a life-long travel overseas for 100% ownership ’til death.

That’s what I learned anyway.


Not me. I’m uploading my brain as much as possible to the Internet and I expect it to be a self-organizing system before my body goes away so that my consciousness can live on in some form.

But.. if you’re satisfied with dying and being forgotten, go for it .



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