The Way Of the Contradiction Hammer” by Guru SB

The Way Of the Contradiction Hammer” by Guru SB
It is the only way.
The one true way.
The realizations will come of their own accord.
Do not follow the teacher for he is the no-teacher.
Follow the Way not the Guru of the Way.


I only semi-joke here for there’s one line that set you up as The Teacher of The Way [which is your way and if it is the way of people who listen to you, *because* they listened to you, then it is also the way of the teacher called Scott Brizel ):

“dismantling the contradictions in each other’s ideas is the ONLY respectful way to encourage the enlightened and independent thinking of those conflicted ”

Only. Once you say “Only”? you circumscribe “the method”. Whose method it is? The method of the teacher who taught the only way, which is you, who just became the Teacher.

It’s easy to fall into “guru role”. I’ve had it happen, usually when I’m rather emphatic about my position and seem to know what I’m talking about.

I don’t realize how some other people see me and suddenly I’m behind a podium and didn’t realize there was a small church surrounding whatever I say.

I found it a scary realization… and would have to do things to spoil the milk.


If you look back at teachers and gurus, they often say similar things. They’re not the focus, the focus is on their methodology. But personality cults develop anyway. Maybe add in a few other good ways to unteach or teach-without-teaching to give people a choice. But the “only” is a dangerous road.



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