The use of retrocausality there is a bit ridiculous, especially considering there is no other timeline with which to compare. Fail.

The use of retrocausality there is a bit ridiculous, especially considering there is no other timeline with which to compare. Fail.

Historical revisionism can be fun but I’d rather skim through a paper than watch a video. If Doctor Who did it, I’d watch it but not a straightforward thought experiment video. They have a way of brainwashing through logic games and it’s annoying.

I like mature objectivists, who grew beyond adolescent devotion to Ayn Rand but the “I found the magic philosophy that will answer all” with convertitis can be a little predictable and tiresome. But I give everybody a fair shake.

Alt.history – you’re right of course. I gave the derogatory because the ‘e’ key is broken on my keyboard and I have to use “on screen keyboard” for the ‘e’ and chose the offensive exaggeration for a quick shut down.

Sorry about that. I also need to replace this laptop keyboard soon.


Too often alt.history leads to belief among the feeble minded, which you’re not. But I’ve seen it used for nefarious purposes and I give a knee jerk reaction to “What if”s in history sometimes.

Another reason I react like that sometimes is sometimes alt history ignores a host of factors to make their points… and it becomes hard to follow once I start seeing glaring omissions. [which is why I prefer reading as I can skip past the bad parts more easily)


Last night, I tried watching a “What if people repatrioted by origin countries” and it was painful to go through. Ridiculous premise and too many ppl actually believe its a ‘good idea’… and he vastly oversimplified to a point of ridiculousness. It reminded me why I stay away from them


I just try to be careful for myself. I’ve been slowly working on an accurate world history model which is hard enough, esp since I have a sci-fi brain that would love going down rabbit holes like these. I’m a time travel sci-fi enthusiast but try to keep my diet to TV/movie storylines rather than taking them with as much weight as i might history.

Here’s that vid I suffered through last night. Maybe you’ll like it but I found it painful to go through.


But these people migrations are not solely (nor necessarily primarily) due to like-with-like. Society is complex. People have needs, wants, desires. Money, lifestyle, stuff.

Environments hostile to cosmopolitan ways can be barriers to growth, opportunity and potential.


They may, although there are other metrics than economic growth or preservation. Nations have worked on establishing their own metrics for life satisfaction and you can see a great variety of what each considers important.

Of course this is working from an assumption of the existence of state but consider that we’re not yet free floating nomads on a ball of dirt just yet and _have_ nations, its useful to see national assumptions for each and compare/contrast.



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