The US is mostly a very tame peopl

The US is mostly a very tame people. When people fight, it’s usually within the same communities. Most Americans tend to follow orders, stay in lines, do what they’re “supposed to do”.

When we see “British hooligans” throwing bottles with gasoline inside and starting fires, Americans are generally horrified at the idea. Even troublemakers in the USA don’t usually set fire to things like that.

We do a lot of talking and complaining. But we don’t usually get into big fights unless it’s sports. Even with sports, it’s not like South American soccer. People don’t die over sports here usually.

Overall, even at our worst, usually Americans are pretty tame to each other. [except police. They get guns without a lot of training Even then,*usually* black people don’t get shot and killed by the generally white police but they’re more likely to be]



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