“The Transcendence and Knowledge Framework”

“The Transcendence and Knowledge Framework”
example of a framework that contains two major headings, Unknown and Known, with subheadings arranged in an abstract to concrete ordering:

Under the Unknown major heading, the subheadings are organized from more abstract concepts like Transcendence, Mysteries of the Universe, Consciousness, Extrasensory Perception, and Quantum Mechanics, to more concrete concepts like Divinity, Dark Matter, Telepathy, and Wave-particle duality.

Under the Known major heading, the subheadings are also organized from more abstract concepts like Mathematics and Philosophy, to more concrete concepts like Arithmetic, Algebra, Literature, and History.

In each case, the more abstract concepts are listed first, and are followed by more specific or concrete concepts that fall under those abstract categories.

I. Unknown
A. Transcendence
1. Divinity
2. Eternity
3. Infinity
4. Afterlife
B. Mysteries of the Universe
1. Dark matter
2. Dark energy
3. Black holes
4. Multiverse
C. Consciousness
1. Self-awareness
2. Neural correlates
3. Origin of consciousness
D. Extrasensory Perception
1. Telepathy
2. Precognition
3. Clairvoyance
E. Quantum Mechanics
1. Wave-particle duality
2. Uncertainty principle
3. Schrödinger’s cat

II. Known
A. Mathematics
1. Arithmetic
2. Algebra
3. Geometry
4. Calculus
B. Natural Sciences
1. Physics
2. Chemistry
3. Biology
4. Geology
C. Social Sciences
1. Anthropology
2. Psychology
3. Economics
4. Political science
D. Applied Sciences
1. Engineering
2. Computer science
3. Medicine
4. Agriculture
E. Arts and Humanities
1. Literature
2. History
3. Philosophy
4. Visual and performing arts

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