The Tomorrow People – Time implosion – haunted me – changed history + how I think

Back classic Nickelodeon days, they played a British Sci-Fi show called The Tomorrow People. I was like 10 years old, early 1980s.

I was haunted by this one scene in the show. The introduction started as it normally did, but on the VERY LAST NOTE of the theme, they replaced it with an explosion that i didn’t expect.

The people on this show didn’t do Time Travel but here they did, and because of a mistake they made, there was an implosion of the time vortex and they had to “watch out for the vacuum!” and they were getting sucked towards the center of the implosion..

After this point, history had change and when they returned to 1970s England, the Roman Empire was *still* around, technology was thousands of years advanced, and all sorts of stuff.

So, this explosion was the turning point and it just stuck with me for years and I wanted to see it again.

So, I found it the other day on a search. I look at it now and it’s the same cheesy special fx I remember; even at the first (an only) watching, I knew they were cheesy. But I didn’t care because of the storyline, which was new to me at the time… this idea of not only changing history but introducing technology 2000 years ago that advanced human civilization (great!) but the Romans ran everything like Nazi Germany and it really wasn’t a good thing.

Anyway, I wanted to share. It’s not something that would be meaningful to TOO many people out there: You’d have had to have been a kid at the time yourself *and* a watcher of the show to appreciate it fully.

But it was nice to get this haunting image out of my head now that I’ve seen it again. Now that I’ve tied it together I can put it aside. :)

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